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Play Trivia While Others are Rolling the ball

No one likes to wait for their turn when bowling, having fun Trivia games to kill the waiting time is going to attract more visitors, especially if they are combined with prizes.

Rolling the Ball
Find the Best Trivia Quiz

Find the Best Quiz Night Categories

Trivia Game Store includes different categories such as music, movies, history and cars which give players a chance to shine in the categories they know best.

Flexibility that Meets Your Business Needs

The 1 hour trivia games have 5 rounds each that can be run manually or automatically. For Bowling alleys manual option will work the best, as you can control the timing for each question.

Draw the Crowd with Sports Trivia

Once you have the TV and sound system, hosting a Sports Trivia Event becomes easy with Triviamatic. Our games are updated in accordance with every big sports event.

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