Game Of Thrones

Be part of this global phenomenon and host amazingly interactive and engaging Game of Thrones live trivia nights that bring the most passionate GoT fans into your bar or restaurant.

Bring Game of Thrones Fans to Your Business

You will host the best ever GoT party at your bar or restaurant!
We are bringing a super fun experience of Game of Thrones trivia several hours prior to the big show. Get GoT fans together for a big pre-show trivia at your bar or restaurant and keep their energy level up with live watch of Game of Thrones. It’s the perfect way to get the party started.

How Popular Game of Thrones Is

This is not a show, this is a phenomenon


$10 mln/ep


16.5 mln


6.9 mln



Books sold

25 mln


37 Emmy

Host the best Game of Thrones trivia party bringing GoT fans to your
venue several hours before the big show.

Schedule for 6 Weeks GoT Pre-Show Trivia

The Song of Ice and Fire

Apr 14, 2019   04:30 PM EST

You Win or You Lose the Game of Thrones

Apr 21, 2019   04:30 PM EST

You Know More than Jon Snow

Apr 28, 2019   04:30 PM EST

The Iron Throne Trivia

May 05, 2019   04:30 PM EST

The Clash of the Kings

May 12, 2019   04:30 PM EST

The End is Coming

May 19, 2019   04:30 PM EST

FREE GoT Trivia to Try Out Before Joining

The Seven Kingdom Trivia

The North Remembers

Find the app available on the App Store and Google Play to try out free trivia games.

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