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John Chaneski


John Chaneski was born in Hoboken, NJ and spent several years as an energetic hanger-on at GAMES Magazine. He has written questions (and answers) for the game shows Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and The Million Second Quiz; he wrote and performed on truTV’s comedy game show Paid Off with Michael Torpey. He was part of the team that created NPR’s variety game show Ask Me Another and since 2005 has presented quizzes on the nationally-syndicated radio show A Way with Words. He lives in Brooklyn with his amazingly talented wife, two fascinating children, and one floofy dog.


Steve Strangio


Live show host, game inventor, screenwriter, playwright, comedy writer for Cracked Magazine, screenwriter for interactive films, writer for films, television, stage and internet, and producer of several shows currently airing on streaming media and podcast networks. Steve has well over 10 years working as trivia and game show host in many locations. Zoneball is the name of a sport he created that recently aired on ESPN2.

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