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Test your knowledge on history and culture and learn many new things about greatest inventions of all time, ancient and modern wonders of the world and random life facts.

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History Trivia Games

History trivia quizzes aren’t yesterday’s news. They have always been extremely popular. The best thing about history trivia quizzes is that they are updated every day, as the history is made. To provie you are a history quiz whiz, join TriviaMatic as a player and have fun with your history lover friends. History trivia games by TriviaMatic are played in the bars as live trivia nights. Check what bars play history trivia near you.

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Trivia Game Categories

From movie trivia and sports trivia up to history quizzes and music games, you can enjoy the most popular trivia categories matching your interests and tastes

Music Trivia

If you are a music lover, music trivia is the right fit for you. The best quality trivia from the classic oldies up to new edge pop music. Trivia quizzes of multiple genres and styles for the range of ages, tastes and interests to be sure none is out of fun.

Movie Trivia

Do you remember your childhood movies? Or you want to join a 90's movie trivia? TriviaMatic offers hundreds of movie quizzes from Disney series up to entertainment companies and awards. It’s time to test your knowledge on movie industry.

Sports Trivia

Test your sporting knowledge with a wide range of quality trivia quizzes challenging your family and friends for a fun trivia night out. Sports trivia is a great way for you to “replay” the matches, “rewin” the competitions and “recelebrate” the awards.

Food Trivia

Food trivia quizzes will test you to see you just swallow your food, or enjoy it piece by piece. Enjoy a trivia night with food and drinks at your favorite bar.

Geography Trivia

Geography trivia is a collection of Geography quizzes about countries, cities, capitals, bodies of water, mountains and landmarks. Have fun with these and get a grade for your trivia knowledge.