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Can I try any free games before buying a membership?

TriviaMatic offers free trivia games available in our game store. To access those games and host your first trivia nights, you need to register a business or a party host. Registration is FREE. Try Register on website or download the TriviaMatic app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. See Customer Support with full Q&A for business and host accounts here.

Can I get TriviaMatic solution for one time event?

To make sure the success with trivia nights is consistent and ongoing, it is better to set up live events on weekly basis. So the Ultimate Trivia monthly subscription is your chance to get the best benefits which will boost your bar or restaurant business. We also provide free trivia games to try it out before buying the subscription. We also offer the subscription with cancel-anytime option. But in case you still want to get a one time event, do not hesitate to contact us now.

What type of games appear in trivia store?

TriviaMatic game store is diverse and offers a wide range of quiz collections. We weekly update general trivia, including geography, travel, entertainment, news, famous people, arts & science, fact, literature, movies and music, and many other categories, plus we have a new sports game every week. During the trivia quarter seasons we also offer seasonal specialty events, like sports tournaments, awards, shows, product launches, etc..

Should I hire a host for my live event?

TriviaMatic app is an easy-to use tool for running live events. We provide a host functionality inside the app. You can use your mobile device to sync to your broadcast device (like a TV screen) to share the quzi with your visitors. Besides, your visitors themselves use the app on their own phones to play the game. So we make it easy for you to host your own events. But in case you want to hire a professional, we have a built-in host account features, where you can invite your hosts with simply putting in their email addresses.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes, we offer a cancel-anytime option to make it convenient to try out and then decide to join us.

How should I market my event?

TriviaMatic is a great marketing platform for your bar or restaurant business. Inside the Ultimate Trivia package we provide real marketing tools and materials to help you to promote your events, get more customers and bring them back every week. Your bar or restaurant will have a special profile page on our highly optimized website, where the visitors near your location and search and find you. Besides, every event that you set up as a live trivia night, will have their own profile pages to attract visitors and get them sign up for that event. Also, there are more shareable materials for each tournament, like printable flyers, shareable graphics for social media posts, etc.. This package will be your guide to market your event and boost your business.