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Introducing TriviaMatic App

Welcome to the world of Triviamatic. An app that installs on your phone and is played at restaurants and bars near you. It’s played in REAL TIME. TriviaMatic is a digital solution that encourages fair play because the faster you answer, the more points you are rewarded. Everyone stays engaged because the game flows and players always know how they are the competition really heats up!

Trivia Events

Game of Thrones Trivia

Play this iconic Game of Thrones game and find out many amazing and fun facts about your favorite show. Play about GoT relationships, guess the quotes from the show and find out if you know more than Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones Trivia
Movie Trivia

If you are a huge movie fan, play the "Movie Trivia" game and check your knowledge of the most famous Hollywood actors, scandals, movie quotes and even remember the '90s movies.

Movie Trivia
Ultimate Sports Trivia

Football, Baseball, Basketball and more. Whether you are a sports fan or just like cracking a cold one with the boys, this quiz is guaranteed to quench your thirst for sports knowledge.

World Of Sports
Star Trivia

The Universe is bigger than any of us could ever imagine. It's full of rivalry, love, and power. Play this trivia game and figure out who truly has the High Ground.

Star Trivia

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