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Introducing TriviaMatic App

Welcome to the world of Triviamatic. An app that installs on your phone and is played at restaurants and bars near you. It’s played in REAL TIME. TriviaMatic is a digital solution that encourages fair play because the faster you answer, the more points you are rewarded. Everyone stays engaged because the game flows and players always know how they are the competition really heats up!

Trivia Events

Super Bowl Trivia 02/03/2019   07:00 PM EST

If you're a big fun of Super Bowl then this Super Bowl Trivia Quiz is the right fit for you. Play and find out new things about Super Bowl famous players, Super Bowl halftime shows and all about the event

Super Bowl Trivia
The Accademy Awward Trivia
02/25/2019   07:00 PM EST

We are here you show you that everything you thought you knew about the Academy Awards and the movie industry in general, was only the slight part of the pie. Get ready to be surprised!

Academy Awards Trivia
Beer Trivia

Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. Beer Trivia is for those who not only love drinking beer, but also know its history, brands and unique traditions connected with it.

Beer Trivia
Star Trivia

The Universe is bigger than any of us could ever imagine. It's full of rivalry, love, and power. Play this trivia game and figure out who truly has the High Ground.

Star Trivia

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